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One of our most trusted and reliable services include pipe relining. Pipe relining can easily eliminate the excess trouble of digging up holes and replacing damaged pipes. Due to this reason, pipe relining has become a popular choice for many homeowners across Sydney.
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What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining refers to a special pipe repairing procedure requiring minimal to zero digging. Pipes that have been severely damaged or broken due to some issues need repairing. However, digging up the ground or cracking up the wall within which these pipes are located can be a huge ordeal.

In order to avoid such menace, pipe relining services are widely preferred by the residents of Sydney. Pipe relining is performed in a cost-effective and minimally invasive manner to cut down on colossal plumbing and rebuilding expenses easily!

How are Damaged Pipes Relined?

The entire point of pipe relining is to fix the underlining plumbing condition without breaking through or digging. To achieve this goal, substances like epoxy resin is used. Epoxy resin is made to run down the entire length of the pipe, primarily covering the damaged bits. Once this substance dries down, using the aid of ultraviolet (UV) rays, it hardens to replace the original pipe. This is how we can resolve any plumbing issues without boring deep holes.

Clean and Clear Pipe Relining Services

If you are looking for the best quality and reliable pipe relining services in and around Sydney, we have one name! Clean and ClearPlumbing has become the pioneering brand with expert plumbing solutions in Sydney. Our trusted engineers can expertly handle a complicated affair such as pipe relining with ease.

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Pipe Relining FAQs

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Due to the latest tools and techniques, pipe relining costs less than traditional pipe repair services. Clean and Clear Plumbing service provides its customers with the best and most affordable price.

Although there are many other chemicals like vinyl ester, or epoxy resin that may be used in pipe relining, polyester is the most popular choice.Additionally, it is one of the least expensive pipe lining materials available.

Absolutely not. Our Clean and Clear Plumbing solution provides most reasonable price to the customers. Mostly the pipe relining cost depends on the pipes and materials used, their quality and quantity.

Obviously.You can.
We offer pipe relining services to both new and old properties.
Simply give us a call, and our professionals can totally remodel your old house without you having to worry.