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We are Sydney’s most trusted leak detection providing affordable and efficient plumbing fixes for more than 10 years.

Clean and Clear Plumbing are highly trained professionals who are ready to provide leak detection services using various techniques. We offer wide range of solutions for leaky tap solutions including installing or repairing for all home and industrial applications. 

If you are have even a slightest doubt of water or gas leak you should hire a professional plumber and leak detection team right away. This is most crucial because gas leak and even water leak can cause a disaster like fire and flooding without any warnings.

Leak Detection

What is Pipeline Leak Detection?

Pipeline leak detection refers to a series of procedures that are implemented to detect the exact location of leakage in a water or gas pipe. Since leak detection might not be possible with the naked eye, this process may also involve utilising modern technology such as hydrostatic testing, laser testing, and more.

Frequently, an unknown leak coming from your water or gas pipes can be a subject of worry. Water leakage can turn your home into a sloppy mess, destroy your possessions, and cause chaos. The most important aspect of fixing a leak is to detect it. So you should always let professionals handle such delicate tasks.

Leak detection may need the use of cutting-edge technology, including hydrostatic testing, laser testing, and more, as it may not be able to identify leaks with the human eye, and we provide all these leak detection services.

Are you In Sydney? We Have Got You Covered

Gas leaking or water pipe leaking can happen at any time and without prior warning. So you should always keep tab on your pipeline every once in a while and call leak detection experts over time. 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Clean and Clear Plumbing if you are a Sydney resident and are facing leaking problems:

  • Non-Destructive: A non-destructive way to identify your leak is through a leak detection process. Clean and Clear Plumbing has equipment explicitly for leak detection and can locate a leak anywhere on your property without causing any damage.
  • Accurate: We can precisely locate any leakage using our leak detection process. Using our unique leak-detecting tools, we can find your leak within 1 square meter of accuracy, eliminating the need for excavation when your water pipes are fixed.
  • Save Time: You save time with leak detection. Have you been experiencing a leak for days or weeks? Have you spent hours working with experts who couldn’t locate your leak? On the other hand, we can and will identify the cause of any leaks and fix the leakage the same day.
  • Affordable: We charge only for what we do, and we proudly say that we are the most inexpensive plumbing service provider in Sydney.
  • No Further Damage and Large Evacuations: Water constantly ruins your property, whether you can see the harm or not. Finding the cause of the water leak can eventually end this harm and any further destruction of an asset. Our leak detection team can locate your leakage inside a square meter,  sparing you the worry and expense of extensive excavations.

What Can We Help You With?

Clean and Clear Leak Detection Services In Sydney

Clean and Clear Plumbing can assist you whenever you are looking for trustworthy leak detection services in Sydney!

Our team is well equipped with the latest technology and can tactfully solve your leak detection problems with ease. Our experience, expertise, and dedicated service make us the most beloved plumbing service provider in Sydney.

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Leak Detection FAQs

Yes, you can try. If you cannot locate them, call us, and our professional will do the work for you without wasting your time and effort.

Naturally, it is our responsibility to regularly check and provide the maintenance of the leaks that we fixed. We also offer you the guidance needed to review and correct the common problems that you may face.

The smell from water leaks can affect the health of you and your family members in the long run. It would help if you fixed it as soon as possible.

Toilets, faucets, showerheads, damaged mechanical equipment or valves, and underground plumbing, such as water service lines and irrigation systems, are familiar places for leaks to occur.

All the tools and materials used by our experts for leak detection are high quality, efficient and valuable.

Our service is always focused on our clients satisfaction.
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They were fair and upfront work prices, and did a neat job and explained everything well. I would hire again.
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Fast response, professional service and reasonable pricing. definitely recommend.Thanks Omar.
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Ben Y
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Very efficient, friendly and competent. I will keep them in mind for future reference
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Really fast, professional service. Recommend working with these guys. Thanks Omar.
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Initial consultation had been efficient and pricing is good. My issue involves further work to be conpleted and quote on job to be advised a few hours later, which I find a great turn around to put your mind at ease
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Katrina H
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These guys are good and friendly doing their jobs. Charge you reasonable price and helpful in reducing your costs when possible. Great job. Happy.
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Very helpful and professional service. Adam was great to work with and highly recommended.
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Super quick response and great advice / service. Would hire again next time. Thanks!
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